Lonely Santa

I am planning on completed my husband’s Christmas stocking. It has been YEARS since I started it, but I have let many other crafts get in my way. 2015 is the year to complete it!!


Santa Needlepoint


Reading with Audible

This summer I read a lot of books. I finally listened to my son’s favorite book of all times – Ender’s Game by Orson Scott Card. Then I started the spin off series called Ender’s Shadow. They are futuristic, geeky, wonderfulness. I’ve been having a blast!


This summer Rich and I had a Harry Potter movie marathon. That always means I have to then read all the books again. I can’t stand missing all the parts they couldn’t put in the movie. My copies of the audio version of Harry Potter are tape cassettes, so I borrowed the audio books from the library. I just finished the Deathly Hallows last week. I miss Harry, Ron, and Hermione – and everyone else.


Happy New Year!

I will be returning to school tomorrow. We have a teacher work day to get our classrooms ready for the 2nd half of school. I look forward to seeing all my kiddos on Tuesday.

I have joined a Ravelry group called Stashdown. I have made a list of 15 knitting projects I have on the needles and have not completed. My goal is to get all of these projects off the needles. One person in the group will not start a new project until she has completed 3 old ones. That sounds like a good goal for me, too. So far I have finished one baby blanket that’s been hanging around (literally-on the door knob) for at least 3 years. It feels good to have it completed.Image

Let’s Try This Again!

As the New Year approaches, I am going to AGAIN try to post to this blog on a regular basis. For the last 2 years I have been keeping track of my daily crafting on Evernote. I’m thinking I can just as easily do it here and add some pictures. I’d like to set a goal of posting once every 2 weeks. Let’s see how this goes. Have a great holiday season.