UFO Challenge

Pat Sloan is leading her group in a UFO challenge. We are to make a list and share with the group. I have kept a list for along time. I use it to find what container a project is in. I decided to move everything out to my sewing room that was on the floor and put it in the living room so I could sort it all.

Then I moved my sewing machine and my cutting table. There is all kinds of open space, but now I have to find a place to put everything BACK IN the sewing room!

Then I decide to have someone come in and clean this weekend, so I basically moved everything back into the sewing room and now I can’t walk through. I’m not taking a picture of that! lol

Oh well, after I get home from Hutto, I’ll get it into some kind of order!

I did create a stack of quilts that just need backing and quilting or binding. There are 8 quilts in the stack. I’ll be working on these all year!


One thought on “UFO Challenge

  1. Way to go! It seems like I somtimes just move stuff around. I really want to bust some UFOs this year. I'd like the list to be much shorter next year. LOL

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