Preparing for School

I am in the 2nd week of preparation for the 2009-2010 school year. I have a new teaching partner who is a really nice person and will be lots of fun to work with. I will be teaching writing and Social Studies along with Reading and Language Arts this year. I’m hoping I will not have too much trouble adding these to the lessons I did last year.

As the campus contact person for Dyslexia Program Support Services, I went to a meeting to learn about the new regulations and laws related to this topic. We were at the Region IV Service Center. Sitting and listening to several hours of information can be trying, but A Nell Williams did a good job keeping us on our toes.

Tomorrow I will have a workshop learning about GradeSpeed which the district wants us to use for our grades and then the afternoon will be at the George R. Brown Convention Center learning about the new objectives in the major subjects. I will going to the Reading sessions.

Across from the center is Discovery Green. It is a new park which has a playground, small lake, a fountain for children to play in the water, places to eat and lots of green space to help everyone relax.


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