Monday was First Day

All teachers in Houston ISD started school on Monday. We were so lucky at my school because the principal gave us the whole first day in our classroom. Most teachers have difficulty doing any professional development with their classrooms in disarray.

Due to asbestos abatement, my classroom was emptied over the summer. This is what my classroom looked like when I walked in.

All day, I worked on a way to make my classroom seem larger this year. I decided to put my desk in the corner. The tables don’t look so smashed together like they did last year. Hopefully, we will feel like we have more room this year. Third graders are pretty big and tend to bump into each other a lot.
This is what the room looked like at the end of the day. “Stuff” is still all around but the basic set up is there. Next on the list is to get some color on the walls. There are posters and signs and bulletin boards to get up. I also have curtains for the bookshelves to cover all the junk and curtains for the windows. I’d like to get it completed this week.

My adult son used to help me get my classroom together each year. He would put the bulletin board paper up, move the tables and chairs, and carry supplies to different shelves. He was a great help. He was sweet enough to call after school and ask how my first day went. It was very thoughtful.


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