More Podcasts

There are so many great podcasts. Ones for every interest a person might have. Several of my favorites are about knitting and other yarn crafts. Lion Brand yarn has a podcast hosted by Zonte and Liz. They are a lot of fun and share what projects they are working on, what they have finished and then use a theme to talk the rest of the time. This summer they are doing podcasts for Crafting with Kids and then they regular podcast is a shorter version than usual. This weeks show was about planning ahead for Christmas and had MANY ideas for gifts for friends and family.

Knit Picks on-line knitting shop has a podcast run by one of the Knit Picks owners, Kelley Petkun. She has guest interviews. She has conversations with some of the employees who share what they know about knitting related topics. Knit Picks sells good quality yarn and notions, but they cost less than other companies. She will talk about new yarn colors and new notions they have to offer.

CogKNITive–A Knitting + Psychology Podcast is a new podcast for me. Gemma is the host and she is a practicing psychologist who works in a prison helping the inmates deal with being in prison. It’s an interest combinations of topics, but I have enjoyed listening to her. The first couple of podcasts I listened to included a section on Expressing Bottled-Up Anger. She includes spinning yarn, something she likes and what’s on her needles/hook.

Go to itunes and search their huge list of podcasts and find one you might enjoy.


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